We are a health, beauty and wellness company with our head office situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales, we are also a family business. We have relocated to Grenfell in the Central West of NSW, Australia.


We have created skincare and wellness therapies and products Inspired by  varied global cultures and teachings both past and present.”


One tradition is Ayurveda  which has been practiced for thousands of years in India.


The core belief is that five elements (air, earth, fire, water & ether) exist in different proportions, thereby creating the entire universe.


The use and application of essential oils 'aromatherapy' is one technique used to influence and balance these elements.


The Ayurvedic tradition believes that these five elements make up three main mind/body types, or doshas, that influence everything from


physical characteristics to personality traits. For true health, "the doshas" must exist on mental, physical and spiritual levels.


Our products do not contain any petrochemicals, animal ingredients or known irritants and we source natural flower and plant botanicals of the purist origin.

We distribute to Hotels, Beauty Salons, Spas and Wellness Retreats


We have educational training systems in place which support the use of our products.


Also we are the 1st Australian Company to achieve Herbal Tea registration in China.


Finalist, Hunter Central Coast Export Awards 2010.


Sponsor of Space Yoga Taiwan 2012


Sponsor Asia Spa Awards 2011

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